Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hiring a Wedding Planner {Part 7}

You met, you talked, you thought and now ... the post wedding planner consultation de-brief must occur. Keep in mind that your consultation was a two-way interview. While you were sizing up this potential wedding coordinator, they were sizing up you, the potential client.

Unless the coordinator gave you a price during the consultation ~ you should expect a proposal from them within a reasonable time frame. The proposal should outline the services that you discussed during the meeting as well as what the wedding planner is going to offer you as a client. It should also include a clear price and any other terms that the wedding planner would like for you to be aware of {i.e. if the proposal has a deadline for committing etc}. Essentially, this proposal should be transparent in the services being offered for your wedding. If you need clarity, just ask.

You'll also need to process your overall feeling about this person. Did you like them? Do you think you clicked? Do you get the impression that you'll work well together? Did they get your vision? Do you get their vision? Is this someone you want to work with closely and intimately for the next x amount of months? Are you confident that this person is going to exceed your expectations?

While yes price is always a factor ~ you can't live with just price. You will be working closely with this person for the duration of your wedding planning process ~ are you 100% cool with them?

Up Next ~ proposal received, what to think?

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