Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When Wedding Inspiration Drives You Crazy

I am a huge fan of wedding blogs, I love the knowledge and advice that wedding industry professionals share so freely in order to help educate the engaged. Its remarkable really if you think about it, knowledge and inspiration being shared freely, I love it!

What I am not a huge fan of is multi-fold: when a bride falls in love with a table scape or idea seen on a blog that really is a photo shoot that costs $1000+ to replicate and I have to be the one to essentially crush their dreams that this $1800 table just isn't possible to replicate for their 200+ person wedding when their budget is sub $500,000. I am also not a fan of when brides see so much amazingly beautiful inspiration that they are constantly changing their minds on decor, design, layout, ideas etc.

At some point, you need to stop checking things out on blogs. Or, do what I have been doing since about 4 months before my wedding ~ I bookmark things I find inspiring that I can use for a vow renewal, dinner party, holiday cocktails, outdoor BBQ, birthday, nesting, eventual baby shower and obviously, inspiration for my clients. Basically, I tuck these awesome ideas away for a rainy day; because seriously, you can't keep changing your mind about things with your wedding day getting closer and closer. You will eventually drive yourself and your vendors nuts.

Be firm in your decisions. Stop the madness by constantly changing everything.

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