Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When Guests Just Won't Reply

I know I've talked a lot about the guests who won't send in their RSVP ... seriously, its pre-stamped, pre-addressed people! But I feel like this is a topic that we can always talk about, so here goes it.

Rarely will your entire guest list respond by the due date, if it does, count yourself lucky for having such responsible people in your life. Chances are, you'll have to start calling and emailing the non responders to wean a decision out of them. Make it clear that you'd love them to be at the wedding but you need a firm decision. A wedding isn't like a backyard BBQ open house where you invite 150 and count on 75 showing up at some point. The venue and your vendors need a final and accurate guest count in order to accommodate everyone. Its as simple as that.

So say what you will to convince these folk that they need to give you a yes or a no. It could be as simple as telling them that if they want to receive a meal, they need to provide a response.

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