Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hiring a Wedding Planner {Part 6}

Now that you've gotten a consultation on the calendar ~ what to expect once you're finally at the meeting? Firstly, aim to be on time OR call / email the wedding planner if you are running late. Keep in mind that while this is a client service industry, everyone has a schedule and would like to stay on track.

Once you've gotten to the meeting, don't judge a book by its cover. I know that our society has taught us to write off people immediately if you don't like how they look / act / talk etc but seriously, don't be so judgemental! You aren't hiring this person because of the way they dress, talk, act, you are hiring them because they are damn good at what they do. So, please, keep an open mind.

During the course of the meeting, be prepared to answer the questions the wedding planner asks you. They are looking to get a sense of not only what your wedding vision is, but who you are a couple as well as trying to assess if they want to work with you {disclaimer: not every planner is the right planner for every couple}. This is a two way interview, so aim to present yourself in a positive light.

When the planner is telling you about their services and how they help in the wedding planning process ~ jump in with questions if you need clarity ~ we want you to fully understand what we offer and how we operate so that there are no surprises throughout this process.

What you don't want to keep doing is wondering what the cost is. Cost comes through understanding the value of the service that this person provides. {Make that your mantra!}

At the end of your meeting ~ ask what the next steps are ~ will the wedding planner send you a proposal? Do they give you a copy of references and a contract and any other items you should read? Basically, get an understanding of what happens next in the process.

Next week: Consultation de-brief

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  1. The series you have done so far is wonderful!! Such great information and so true.