Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hiring a Wedding Planner {Part 8A}

Yesterday we discussed receiving a proposal from a wedding vendor {in a timely fashion} ... today I wanted to flip the coin on its side and discuss what to do when a wedding vendor hasn't gotten you a proposal in a timely fashion ...

You had the consultation and hopefully sometime during that meeting there was discussion of when to expect the proposal. Now, let's say that due date has passed by and still no proposal ... as a client service provider that's one of the biggest pet peeves of mine! Deliver your deliverables! In my experience in working with clients, the longer time has passed between the meeting and the eventual proposal arriving, the positive impression has likely begun to wane. If you were truly interested in working with this vendor, call or email and ask when to expect the proposal. Stress that you had a great meeting and you're interested in seeing a proposal. If the wedding vendor has any brains, they'll get you a proposal faster than you can say "bridezilla", if they don't hurry it up, then you have to decide if you should wait for them or move on.

Anyone who has ever met me can probably answer what my decision would be, but this is a decision that the bride and the groom need to make. Does this person seem like they are going to deliver once you've finally gotten the ever-delayed proposal? Are you willing to take that risk with your wedding day?

So I propose this to you dear reader: Would you proceed with a wedding vendor if they took weeks and weeks to get you a proposal?

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