Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who Died And Made You God?

This question was posed to me this morning during a session with my life guru. We were discussing my business and how I like everyone to act in a manner that I find acceptable ~ which is basically beyond wrong as an outlook on life. Everyone is different, has different perspective and because of that, I shouldn't try and stuff the entire population into my 'box' of how things should be done. Its such a simple thought, but seriously, I am sure that most of us act this way in some form at some point in our lives. It literally begs the question "who died and made you god"? What gives me the right to want everyone to act in a manner that I think is appropriate when they can certainly can act however they know how. Its going to be a shift in thinking, but one that is going to make me a better person.

So how in the world is this vaguely related to wedding planning? Simple. Your vendors are working to the best of their ability using their knowledge base. They aren't gods {unfortunately} and maybe sometimes the way you {bride / client} wants things to be dealt with just isn't the way this vendor works. Everyone has their work style, their flow, and while flexibility is a big plus, don't expect a vendor to change their process simply because you signed a contract and are paying them. The same holds true to clients ~ vendors have to be mindful that a first time bride doesn't know everything and needs help. As a wedding vendor we can't just expect that a woman gets engaged and poof, ten seconds later the wedding fairy has given her all the wedding planning education she needs to be the best bride. This process is about give and take for all involved and we have to be respectful of that.

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