Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your Wedding Day Taste & Your Budget

Remember that show "lifestyles of the rich & famous"? Their tag line was 'Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams' ... a tag line that could to varying degree's describe a bride's taste for their wedding day. But what does one do when their taste and their budget don't exactly see eye to eye?

Firstly, sit down with your groom and go through each aspect of the wedding day and really take note of your priorities. If you are a foodie couple, spend more on the food, less on the decor. If you are into design, spend more on the decor and photography, less on transportation and music. Do you get my drift? Make your top 3 priorities and then weight them - #1 = highest priority of them all, you'd rather not get married if you can't make this the most important, #2 = it would be fabulous if you could spend more on this aspect and #3 = important but if it came down to it, you'd be fine with not having the creme de la creme in this category. Once you've gotten your wish list together, take a good hard look at your budget and see where you've spent or what you've allocated. For your #1 and #2, the bulk of your budget should be put towards these items. If you have to re-work the budget to fit them, do so. I've found over the years that couples who overlook their #1 and #2 because they allocated their money elsewhere have pangs of regret after the wedding day.

What sort of things are high priority for your wedding day?

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