Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hiring a Wedding Planner {Part 5}

You've scheduled a consultation - now what? While you don't need to rip every wedding magazine apart to bring all of your ideas to this meeting - you do need to have some basics prepared:

1. Wedding Date - even if its not finalized yet, have your preferred dates ready
{Keep in mind that a wedding planner gets booked out 12+ months and can't hold 8 weekends for you on the off chance it's one of those dates - come prepared with a general date you'd like your wedding to occur on}

2. An approximate number of guests who will attend the wedding
{During your meeting, the wedding planner is getting a feel for what you want your wedding day to be like, including venue - having a guest count helps to figure out what venue's to check out}

3. Budget defined - even if loosely
{This is essential - basically, the wedding planner can't figure out how realistic your wedding vision is without knowing the budget. Its also nearly impossible to be objective without it. Come prepared}

4. Why you want / need a wedding planner
{Bring a list of reasons why, a wedding planner isn't necessarily needed by every couple getting married, so bring a list. We will ask for it}

During the consultation itself you'll flesh out your wedding day vision, hopes and dreams, so you don't need to drag your huge 300 page scrapbook unless you really want to!

Next week: What to expect during the consultation

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