Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keeping Ego's in Check

Somewhere along the path of planning your wedding, its inevitable that ego's will collide ... I've found in my experience that traditionally those with the largest ego's are the ones who are pretty set in their ways of how a wedding should proceed and are slightly resistant to change. Ok, I lied, they are probably very resistant to change. So what can you do as a bride and groom to work peacefully with the unchecked ego?

Firstly, kill them with kindness. Chances are you're going to get frustrated, upset and angry but the best course of action is to treat this dinosaur with kindness. Don't get short with them, or say snarky comments. Be the adult in this situation. And secondly, explain as rationally as possible that while you appreciate their expertise, you've always envisioned your wedding day as x,y and z and therefore are they willing to bend and be flexible? What you don't want to do is show weakness and let them trample you. You want them to come around the bend in a thoughtful manner ~ at the end of the day, this entire day wouldn't be happening if you weren't getting married here at this place with these vendors, so make sure that the ego-maniac is reminded of this.

And as I always say "good luck"!

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  1. Excellent post! Unfortunately, it rings true too often! We wish more vendors would be fun + relaxed! :)