Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Is Your Version of Luxury?

Almost a year ago, I posted about what your definition of luxury is and how you apply it to your wedding - I wanted to re-introduce this topic since during most wedding planning experiences ... its the little luxuries that get overlooked - and that is just simply inexcusable!

To you, what does luxury mean, especially when it comes to planning your wedding? Is it the luxury of having an amazing photographer there to capture all the details of the wedding day? Is it the luxury of creating an incredible experience for your guests? Is it the luxury of wearing a gown that makes you feel and look gorgeous? What luxury are you including in your wedding day? Is it something as simple as going to a spa the week of your wedding to relax? Is it spending time with out of town guests?

Its so easy during the wedding planning process to lose sight of the little luxuries in life especially when you've got lots of decisions to make and budgets to worry about. For your own mental health, please stop to let the luxury in, it may just be the saving grace for you.

What does your version of luxury look like?

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