Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finding Inspiration In Unlikely Places

The one thing that I have learned being an entrepeneur is that I love learning and finding inspiration in unlikely sources. I've always been a learner. I was the kid in high school and college who always did the homework. Seriously. I've loved reading since the second I could understand the words on a page and my husband can attest to this: I read everything that comes across my path. I always have something to read with me because you never know when you'll have a moment to spare to take in some knowledge. So what's the point of all this reading? While I love the knowledge part, I care much more about the inspiration for my business that reading and education gives me. Essentially, I read so my clients get better service. I read in the hopes that I will get an awesome idea that will help my clients. It sounds kinda lame when I re-read those sentences, but in all honesty, I read so much {and all genres} to make sure that my business is continually growing, evolving and moving forward. I also read so that I personally may grow, evolve and move forward.

Where do you find your inspiration?

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  1. Great post! I read a lot of business books, but often I find I get the best inspiration from fiction. I think it stimulates the brain in ways that non-fiction never can. One of my recent favorites was Sophie's Choice: definitely not wedding/event related, but OH! the stunning word choices, OH! the imagery! I love to read and it's inspiring to hear that others feel the same way! :)