Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tips on Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

You may have noticed on your vendor contracts that the wedding day gratuity has already been accounted for ~ this is fairly typical for caterers and transportation but not so much for your other wedding vendors. As you lead up to the big day, you need to start thinking about whom else will need to be tipped on the wedding day. To help you figure it all out, here are some tips to tipping:

While tipping is obviously discretionary and not entirely mandatory, most of your vendors are expecting a little something for their hard work and effort to making sure your wedding day is fabulous ~ while you don't need to break the bank on tips, be ready to dole out some $ at the end of the evening.

For the wedding day vendor who owns their own business ~ the 'hairdresser' rule of thumb doesn't apply. You'll want to tip each member of that vendor's staff {amounts not need be equal} - remember that the fee you paid for their service doesn't go directly into their pocket for shoes, dinners and vacations ~ your fee pays for staff, transportation, marketing, and basically everything else needed that runs this vendor's business.

Please be organized and place your tips in a sealed envelope and write the provider's name on the exterior. If you have a wedding day coordinator, you can give these to them in advance and they will hand them out throughout the course of the wedding day.

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