Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let It Rain or Rain Rain Go Away?

Weather and Weddings - can either be a great duo or the uninvited guest that no one wants to see. So what's a bride to do? Firstly, we can't control the weather. I'd love to have that power but unfortunately the weather and nature are uncontrollable. Secondly, knowing that we can't control the weather - be willing to accept that Plan B may come into effect especially if any portion of your wedding day is being held outside. I know that no bride wants Plan B to become Plan A, but there is always the possibility and you have to be willing to move forward with an alternate plan - and not get upset about it. Concentrate more on the fact that you are getting married, not that its raining and your vision of an outdoor ceremony is gone.

A little rain is an inconvenience, but its not the end all be all to your wedding day. While you can start obsessively checking the weather 10 days before the wedding day, its only the forecast 2-3 days out that is going to be more accurate, remember that meteorology is the only profession where you can be wrong 50% + of the time and still be employed so your wedding day forecast is bound to change multiple times before your actual wedding day!

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