Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Draws You To A Particular Wedding Brand?

Anyone who has crossed my path in last few months knows that I have become really passionate about branding. As I continue to refine the Anderson Green Events Brand {with new website launching soon!}, I wanted to ask this question: as a bride, how does brand / branding affect the choices you make for your wedding? What is it that prompts you to choose a particular vendor over another {I know price / personality / value / quality all play a factor} but all of those elements are integral to the vendor's brand, so at the crux of it, what is it about the vendors brand that appeals to you?

As consumers, we are all drawn to different brands because they are either visually appealing, follow the same values that we have, invoke certain feelings and emotions - for example, I am drawn to the Gap brand because I am a quintessential jeans and t-shirt gal and they build great basics at affordable prices. But, I also appreciate and love the haute couture brands as well for the quality and artistry that goes into each item of clothing. Do I wear Prada every day? No! But for special occasions when I want to feel simply stunning, I do. There is something about the Prada brand that evokes confidence, class and good style that I find appealing.

So, how does different branding affect your purchasing power? Have you 'branded' your wedding with yours and your fiances style?

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