Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wediquette: Inner and Outer Envelopes

It makes sense to list everyone's name specifically on the inner envelope, but we don't have one. Could I list names on the RSVP envelope? Or should I list everyone's names on the outer mailing envelope? That would mean several lines on the outer envelope?? What do we do as we don't want guests to think that their entire household is invited!

It used to be the norm that wedding invitations came in two envelopes, and outer and an inner. The outer one held the head of the household names "Mr & Mrs" and the address, while the inner envelope listed the individual names of the invited {so basically, the kids}. These days, its very common to forgo the inner envelope to save costs, save paper, save on calligraphy - which means where do all the names go?

On the outer envelope. If you want to be casual about it - and you are inviting all the children in that household, you can always do "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Family" as your first line. Or, if you'd like something more formal, name each child, which I know can clutter up the envelope but it would look like "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Miss. Chloe Smith". If you are hiring a calligrapher for your envelopes, find someone who prices per envelope, not per line ~ they will be able to advise you on the best protocol and layout for including all the additional names so the envelope doesn't look too full.

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