Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tips on Tuesday: Your Wedding Vendor Is Not a Scapegoat

It's always so much easier to lay blame on someone else when you feel you've been wronged. And, every wedding publication will tell you that every wedding vendor is out to empty your bank account simply because you are getting married and therefore they have a right to charge you every penny you've ever collected. Well, the fact of the matter is that its simply not the case. No vendor I've ever come across has said to me "oh, I don't care what their budget is" - in fact, every vendor I work with or send a client to for a proposal has worked within their budget. So please, stop using your vendors as scapegoats when your budget gets stretched to the point of being unrecognizable.

Your vendor isn't out to rake your budget over the coals. Your vendors are working towards creating the most incredible wedding day for you. They want you to enjoy every aspect of the big day, not look at the flowers and cry because you spent six times what you wanted to. What good does a vendor get from doing that? Some vendors are fixed at what they must charge in order to survive - I know its hard to forget sometimes but vendors are people to. Vendors have to make a profit in business {just like any other retail store} or they won't exist anymore. Even a small business owner who works from home isn't taking your money and running out and buying Manolo's and going to St. Barth's - there are costs associated with running a business that need to paid in order to have a business.

I promise to get off my soapbox, but just keep in mind that you as the engaged couple need to manage your budget, not blame your vendors for when the spending gets out of control.

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  1. OK, I just LOVE this post! I recently held a wedding workshop where I mentioned this exact thing. Vendors are not ripping you off! They are charging you appropriately based on what you are asking for and the quality of service that they provide. They are also the keys to the success of your wedding. You get what you pay for ~ and you pay for what you ask for.