Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips on Tuesday: Don't Judge A Book By Its Covor

How many times have we all heard this: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover? And how hard is it sometimes to look past the exterior to see how truly amazing that person is? I want you apply this 'rule' when it comes to meeting your vendors or seeing a venue. At first glance, you probably aren't getting the whole story, so don't judge a vendor's capability and expertise based on how they dress. How someone chooses to cloth themselves really has no baring on what their knowledge base is. Or, perhaps they chose to spend less on clothing and more on their business, their hobbies or their apartment. You have no idea what matters to them, so even if you think they are the worst dresser on the planet - don't chose to not work with them simply because you've deemed them incapable of putting together an outfit. Some of the most talented people I've come across in life aren't wearing haute couture daily.

{While this seems like a post out of left field - if you think about it, it has some merit. We all check each other out and make assumptions. Don't let someones exterior cloud your ability to see how incredibly gifted they are.}

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