Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do You Pay For What You Get In Wedding Planning?

At Eventology last week, there was lots of discussion surrounding getting paid what you are worth and how the price cutters who charge sub $1,000 for their services {yes, full planning included} are de-valueing the wedding industry as a whole. Saundra Hadley, a planner and marketing / sales guru wrote two posts earlier this week regarding pricing {see here & here} and its sparked a big debate in the social media world {just check out her comments}. This got me thinking - all the professionals have been talking about their value and their services but what does the bride truly value? What are you, as the bride, willing to spend more on? Are you paying for quality or are you looking for a deal? Where does value / quality experience come into play when you see a wedding planner who charges you $1,000 vs. another wedding planner who charges you $10,000? Forget the "gucci taste on a target budget" mentality for a second. Everyone loves a deal, loves to save money but when it comes to your wedding, what do you value more? Someone who is professional, experienced and charges accordingly for what they offer or someone who gives you a great deal on the package but then minimally plans your wedding.

As a bride, what do YOU value? What are you willing to spend YOUR money on?

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