Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekly Finds: Still Haven't Moved ...

Our mini break a week ago was so relaxing and refreshing. Mr. G turned a year older, I read more Chelsea Handler books than I should have in one sitting and came back to NYC after Easter refreshed and excited for the summer weather ... this weekend continues the search for a new apartment. We've got a jam packed schedule of hunting and we are now wondering if we should negotiate on a place we saw a few weeks ago ... the apartment itself is fantastic, but I am not so excited about the location - its 14 blocks exactly from where I grew up and my parents sometimes still live! May be a bit too close to home.

Anyways, there are some great reads for wedding advice this week:

Retailers getting into the bridal market - would you buy their dresses?

Brooklyn Bride is 3 years old today!

A colleague, Aletha at Pearls Events linked to a wedding day emergency kit - a must have for any bride and their bridal party!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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