Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tips on Tuesday: Letting Go Of Wedding Planning Anxiety

On our mini-vacay last week, I was able to read a ton of books that have been in my Kindle queue. In Getting Things Done, the following quote was included and I thought it was beyond appropriate for wedding planning:

"Anxiety is caused by a lack of control, organization, preparation and action" by David Kekich

Oh how this quote rings true for any wedding planning process. In my experience, brides, grooms and parents traditionally feel the anxiety and the weight of the wedding when they are unorganized and unprepared. Not everyone is a list maker, but when it comes to wedding planning, get yourself a dedicated notebook and invest in a generic wedding planning timeline {I love the Russell + Hazel templates}. Being organized throughout this process and being able to check off items will bring a sense of preparedness and will calm the nerves.

Wedding Planning is emotional and time consuming enough, why add anxiety to the mix? Especially when anxiety can easily be avoided if you work through your wedding planning in a consistent and organized way.

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  1. And if you aren't an inherently organized person, don't be afraid to hire a wedding planner. It might be a large expense but in the end you'll have a much more enjoyable experience throughout the process!