Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wediquette: Your Wedding Coordinator - Managing Your Relationship

Today's Wediquette Topic: Your Wedding Coordinator - Managing Your Relationship

You've decided to hire a wedding planner for your wedding. You've had consultations, picked the perfect match and you're on your way to planning a wedding with some professional guidance! Now what? What is this relationship you've embarked on? You've hired a near stranger and are trusting them with THE most important day of your life ... I'd say that's getting intimate mighty quickly!

Your wedding coordinator is your guide through this process. They are here to steer you in the right direction based on how you envision your wedding day. They are providing you with vendors, references, advice, etiquette and sage wisdom. Most times, they've seen it all and nothing shocks them anymore! They are managing your expectations on budget and managing all the logistics that it takes to ensure that your wedding day is simply delightful. But, is there a point when you begin to take your wedding planner relationship too far? Yes. Firstly, when in doubt about asking your coordinator a question - refer to your package services: is your questions / concern / issue related to some aspect of your services? If so, proceed. If not, communicate with your wedding coordinator and ask them, would you mind doing x,y and z? If its something simple, most likely they will happily help you out, but if you're suddenly asking them to plan the rehearsal dinner when it wasn't included in your services package - don't get annoyed when they mention its an additional fee. Just like you wouldn't do any extra work at your job without expecting a raise or a promotion - your planner should be treated the same way. You want to treat this relationship professionally - yes, you've hired someone to organize your wedding day, but they aren't your new personal assistant.

The relationship between wedding planner and client is a delicate and special thing, treat is as such!

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