Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Inspiration Overload

I've written several posts about finding your wedding style and wedding inspiration, but I want to revisit this topic. There are a million and one fabulous wedding websites and blogs to whet the appetite. So many ideas, images, colors, thoughts ~ so overwhelming! When you're pulling together images that you love and would love for your wedding day - par down. Remember the saying, less is more? I recently went through a business development exercise that I am convinced would work wonders for wedding planning. The exercise was to show what you wanted your business to look like through images. Pick 10 to 15 images that represent how you want your business to look like. Much easier said than done BUT the limitations of 10 to 15 made it so much easier to discard the images that didn't connect or that really didn't have a place in my business inspiration board. Not every image or idea is applicable to my business, just like not every image or idea is applicable to your wedding.

Take the concept of the 10-15 images and create your specific wedding inspiration board. The more specific you can be with your images, the more put together and cohesive your wedding will look on the big day. Remember, less is more, and while you've probably pulled 100's of images, go through and really note what you like about the image - if its only a simple aspect of it {the color, one item etc}, write it down and pull the image out of the pile. Your finalized 'board' should tell a specific story of your wedding day.

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