Thursday, January 14, 2010

Destination Weddings

Very good friends of ours are getting married this weekend in Riviera Maya, Mexico ~ so once again we're off to celebrate their relationship and enjoy the sun! Before they got engaged, they knew that they would be having a destination wedding. One of their favorites things to do is travel and they wanted to incorporate that into their special day. After many trips around Mexico, the Caribbean and Florida, they chose the Fairmont Mayakoba.

For all of those interested in a destination wedding, here are some questions to think about before you chose your locale:

1. How easy is this destination for your guests to travel to?
2. Besides the costs that you'll spend on the wedding - what is the financial commitment that you're asking your guests to make?
3. What is your realistic guest list size? {And keep in mind that some guests may not be able to come for financial reasons - don't hold that against them}
4. What part of the year are you getting married? Make sure that your locale isn't meant to have hurricanes, high winds or other foul weather
5. Seriously seriously seriously consider hiring a wedding coordinator. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the logistics surrounding destination weddings and can take care of them for you. Destination weddings don't need to be a logistical nightmare but you want to ensure that your vendors {if local especially} have a very clear picture of what your vision is.
6. Make sure that you and your fiance have time and money to make a few trips to explore various places to have your wedding and after you've chosen your destination to finalize details and take care of things.

I would also suggest purchasing The Destination Wedding Planner by Alison Hotchkiss ~ its thoughtfully laid out and chock full of very valuable information!

We'll be here celebrating our friends wedding on Saturday!

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