Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scheduling Your Wedding Weekend

After you've decided on a wedding date, the next date that should be determined is your wedding rehearsal date and time. The obvious choice is the late afternoon / early evening the day before your wedding day, but sometimes depending on your ceremony venue you may have to hold your rehearsal in the morning or a few days before. Whatever you do, DO NOT NOT SCHEDULE A REHEARSAL! Perhaps many of your bridal party are married or been in enough weddings that they 'know' the ceremony drill - it doesn't matter. Every ceremony is different, every officiant is different and your bridal party plus you and your fiancee need to do a trial run so that everyone is on the same page.

Your rehearsal shouldn't take too long {normally depends on how late your bridal party arrives} and all you are doing is a run through of the processional, ceremony and recessional. You want to determine your line up and who will stand where during the ceremony. Your wedding planner or coordinator will take notes so that nothing is forgotten for the ceremony.

If your ceremony venue is giving you push back on a rehearsal because they have events happening, stress the importance of doing a rehearsal. If you are unable to get into the space to practice, then gather the entire bridal party and officiant elsewhere for a run through. You want everyone to get a feel for what will be happening during the ceremony.

Have you thought about your rehearsal?

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