Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Weekly Series: Business Concepts & Wedding Planning

One of my not so secret secrets is that I am an avid reader of business books. I actually enjoy them and learning from them not only for my business but for other aspects of life. I know, that sounds totally cheesy, but its the truth. It got me thinking about how many of the concepts and ideas presented in business can easily be applied to wedding planning - especially since most couples getting married have professional experience - this may make your wedding planning easier in general. Or at least break it down so it makes sense. {At least that concept makes sense to me!} Therefore, without further ado, meet concept 1:

Without fail, every job interview we've all ever been on, this question gets asked:

"What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?"

While I know that we've all been trained to answer this question trying to spin our weaknesses into positives when applying this concept to your wedding planning - don't. Legitimately sit down and ponder what are you strengths and what are your weaknesses and how can you utilize both to ensure that your planning process is smooth and stress free?

Strengths can include anything, for example: organized, detail oriented, love doing research, creative, thoughtful, good communication skills - all of these skills can be applied to your wedding planning to help you be successful. Keeping proposals organized, managing to communicate well with your vendors, being able to creatively think up ideas to incorporate into the big day - all of these aspects play to your innate strengths. Whatever you are strongest at, exploit it to ensure that your planning and wedding day are you.

On the flip side, your weaknesses can be any number of things and the key to making them work for you is to acknowledge them and then work them to your advantage. If you can't handle multiple tasks at once, recognize that you need to enlist your fiance and delegate tasks to him / her. If you aren't an out of the box thinker on design - seek out blogs and websites for ideas and present all of them to your wedding coordinator or florist and let them be the creative force. If you know that you have a tendency to procrasinate - take a wedding planning timeline and break it down into bit sized pieces to work on over time and reward yourself when you can tick things off the list.

Make your wedding planning work for you - not every wedding is created equal, not every wedding planning process need be the same, therefore use your strengths and weaknesses to make your wedding planning process yours.

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