Thursday, January 28, 2010

Business & Wedding Planning: Using Your Niche

Regardless of what you studied in college or what your career is - we're all specialists. Our jobs have made us 'experts' in one particular niche, something that we are beyond efficient at; something that we know inside out how to do and most importantly, something we could theoretically, do in our sleep. We've got a defined niche after all. Or at least that's what our bosses want us to believe.

So how do we translate your career niche into your wedding planning? Simple. Use your specialization to your advantage. If you're a writer, use your words to create carefully scripted programs, invitations, RSVP cards, even your ceremony. If you're a marketing guru, market your wedding to your guests - find a common thread to link through your wedding day that will make your wedding day unique. If you're into finance - take over the budget and do the math. If you're a consultant - use your skills to analyze the wedding planning process into something easy to handle. Use your niche at the office to simplify your wedding planning process and make it your own. Use what you are good at to help aid you through your engagement. Why fight your niche? Work it!

We are always taught to use our specializations - why shouldn't this hold true to your wedding?

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