Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly Round Up: Advice on Wedding Costs

I had many get organized plans dreamt up for this past week - especially since the husband has been away and I thought that since spring is hopefully around the corner it was time to do my annual overhaul of stuff and spring clean. Um, not so much, I actually don't know where the week went - lots of fabulous meetings and tomorrow I get to celebrate the impending birth of a childhood friends son. Yay!

I stumbled across some fantastic posts this week, read on:

Nancy Liu Chin {fabulous SF florist} has had her intern blogging - its quite insightful into the dedication of a florist.

The amazingly talented Jasmine Star shares some thoughts on the family portrait session at a wedding. It doesn't need to be a time suck at all!

My friends over at The Good Life Events posted 5 tips on choosing a venue - very helpful!

And lastly, over on myKPw, there's an excellent post on photographer pricing - a must read. Part One & Part Two

Happy Weekend!

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