Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wediquette: How Many Escort Cards Do I Need?

Is it okay to do one escort card per couple? (Single guests would still get their own).

Choosing how you want to address you escort cards is entirely up to you - but keep in a mind a few factors:

~ Every guest that RSVP'ed yes to your wedding should receive an escort card

~ Decide if you are using salutations: Mr. & Mrs. or just Bob and Jody

~ If you are having the escort cards calligraphed - there is a cost per card, so if you want to keep costs down, choosing one card per couple will certainly bring the costs down since you will have less cards to be calligraphed

~ Escort Card display - if you aren't using a large table, you want to make sure that there will be enough room to display all the cards

Ensuring that you have you escort cards in order is entirely dependent on guests being responsible enough to RSVP on time - if not, get them on the phone - you'll need a final count close to the wedding date!

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