Thursday, March 4, 2010

Business & Wedding Planning: Confidence In Your Wedding Planning Decisions

In Business, having confidence is key. If you believe in yourself and show it, its much easier to convince other people to believe in it as well. Having confidence in a job interview is also important because no one wants to hire someone who lacks confidence and conviction. At the end of the day - having confidence in your decisions, in business, is integral to getting the job done and doing it well.

So how does confidence and conviction translate into your wedding planning? Firstly, it'll help you stick to your decisions. If you waffle over something or keep changing your mind about choices or decisions - you've lost the confidence in that idea. You've lost the confidence to believe that that idea is appropriate for your wedding. And once that happens, your wedding planning starts to unravel. You start having doubts about the color scheme, location, menu, whatever it is. You can't move forward, you can't check things off the massive wedding timeline you've got in front of you and panic sets in. You start to panic that you'll never get everything done in time for the wedding, you panic that the wedding won't be the way you want it. You panic because you've lost your confidence.

So, how does one not lose their confidence? Be firm when you make decisions. At the beginning of this wedding planning process, decide on what is most important to you regarding the wedding day. Use the important ideas / thoughts / feelings to guide you in your decision making process. Then, use your budget as a guide so that you don't overspend, lose your confidence and then panic. Then stick to your guns. If you have confidence in your vendors, you won't have room to panic. If you have confidence in your decisions, you won't have time to panic.

Who wants to live with regrets after the wedding? Be confident and you won't have any!

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