Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tips on Tuesday: Wedding Planning Does Not Equal Drama

You're engaged. You're planning your wedding. Why must you believe all the TV shows and blog posts that you must have drama surrounding your wedding? I am here to disspell the myth. In my experience, drama is created out of two things:

1. Family members providing too much advice, stress and frustration
2. You're pressed for time and don't feel like the wedding will come together

To both of things I say: PLAN EARLY and DON'T LISTEN TO THE WHITE NOISE. Family members are excited, nervous, and scared regarding your wedding. Perhaps you're the first to get married therefore this process is entirely new to everyone. Which means, there is a learning curve and as the engaged, you need to educate you parents, his parents, anyone involved in the planning or finances of the wedding about your wedding planning process and what you want. Its your day, right? Not your mother's, father's or anyone else's. You are walking down the aisle, you are exchanging vows, you are signing a marriage license. Not anyone else, so why listen to all the drama that they are creating for you?

If you've procrastinated or fallen behind on a few items on your wedding planning checklist - do not panic. Panic equals drama. Simply re-organize with your fiancee, and pick up where you left off. I promise, it will all come together in advance of the wedding. Don't overextend yourself or lose site of the point of the wedding day: you are getting married. Having amazing DIY favors is not important. Your guests will still love you.

So the tip of the day is simple: white noise, drama and panic out, rational thinking and calmness in.

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  1. I totally agree with this! It's natural to be stressed out, but tuning out relatives and friends who are over-eager is generally a good way to combat that!