Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Moment of Quiet in the Wedding Planning Storm

I've been writing so much these past few weeks about different aspects of wedding planning, I thought we all needed a little zen moment of calmness ... For me, the most serene I feel in life is when I am in my home country of South Africa - particularly in the wine lands of Franschhoek or on Safari. The simple beauty of nature always makes me feel relaxed and comfortably. There's something about being on safari and realizing that although we are humans at the top of the food chain, these animals are so much more powerful than we are that really makes me appreciate things.

Here are some images taken by my mother in law from our last trip to South Africa:

{typical African sunset}

{beautiful lavendar fields that surround the many vineyards}

{the ever changing Franschhoek Valley}

{on our drive into the Kruger game reserve - not even into the open lands yet and Rhino's!}

{leopard's are really quite incredible}

{this lionness was checking out a giraffe kill - amazing sight}

{dinner in the bush - so romantic}

{typical roadblock}

{relaxing before we stalked her through the bush}

{face off - the leopardess had already eaten so she wasn't interested in the water buffalo}

{dinner in a boma - a classic Zulu tradition}

{bath time}

{cheeky boy - he later stole the bread basket off our lunch table!}

Where do you feel most serene?

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  1. These are amazing photos and make me want to book my trip!