Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Finds: Knowledge is Power in Wedding Planning

I am LOVING the weather this week. I cannot wait for spring, flip flops and maxi dresses. I am really hope that this year we're light on rain, there are no more snow storms {yes, I've experienced them in April in NYC before} and that sunshine abounds. There's something about that vitamin D that makes me feel better :)

Some good, informative reads this week:

I've fallen for photographer Melissa Jill's blog, since she is so on the money with certain topics and I love her tone. Check out her reasons for hiring a wedding planner here and Melissa breaks the silence on the myth of the Preferred Vendor List - its a must read for anyone planning a wedding.

There's a new fabulous site for the engaged: Nearly Weds by Offbeat Bride. Be sure to check it out!

Go and enjoy the weekend!

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