Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Round Up: Snowy Weekend Forecast

Don't you just love that all the weather reports of the 'paralyzing' winter storm headed towards the Northeast? Anyways, in an effort to embrace the cold, the husband and I are headed to Vermont to hit the slopes - but before we head north, here are some truly fabulous finds this week:

Nonpareil Magazine launched this week - its simply delightful and beautiful AND full of amazing ideas for your wedding. It is the mastermind of ladies behind The Inspired Bride and Paper Crave - two very talented women, so be sure to check it out.

The Wedding University happened last weekend in San Francisco and there are two fantastic write ups regarding the day - a female perspective and a male perspective. For those that missed it - it was an educational day filled with insider information on how to plan a fabulous wedding day and not go nuts during the planning process.

The ever inspiring Nancy Liu Chin wrote a great post on what you get for $1000 when it comes to wedding flowers. Check it out to see the realities of what is available in that price range.

And last but certainly not least - my best friend Aliza Werner, a budding photographer in Milwaukee has officially launched her lifestyle photography business! She got talent, so spend some time on her on blog and her portfolio's this weekend!

{Aliza and I at my rehearsal dinner}

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