Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wediquette: The Clueless Wedding Guest

My friends (both female and especially male) know nothing about weddings. We're talking not knowing who traditionally pays for what (no, I'm not covering everyone's hotel rooms) and the seriousness of the event (yes, you need to practice your best man toast ahead of time). And no one has offered to throw a bridal shower or bachelorette / bachelor party - even our bridal party. How do I educate our friends who will be guests at the wedding?

I've found that people's schooling in weddings is highly dependent on two factors: age and how many weddings they have attended. If your friends are on the younger side, they probably have not had that many opportunities to attend weddings or be in the bridal party {being a flower girl or ring bearer at age five does not make you an expert!} - which means they don't know how weddings work. This is your opportunity to educate them on proper wedding etiquette. You don't need to be over the top or forceful in your teaching methods - just stress the importance that this is a MAJOR day in your and your fiance's life and that their cooperation is expected. Toasts must be pre-written and rehearsed {if not, the one giving the speech is the one that looks bad}, and that 'surprises' and getting overly intoxicated at an open bar are not universally appreciated.

This is the time to share your experiences and knowledge to put your friends in 'the know' - you'll be setting them to be amazing guests at future weddings. And if none of them volunteer to throw you a bridal shower or bachelorette party - call me, I will. No seriously, ask a mother, sister or in-law if they would be interested or plan your own fabulous bachelorette party - that way, you get what you want!

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