Thursday, February 25, 2010

Business & Wedding Planning: Interviews

We've all been through interviews. Some people are very good at talking about themselves in a positive and non-bragging way and they thrive in an interview setting. Some people get so nervous they aren't able to communicate how amazing they are and they flounder a bit in interviews. And some people just need interview training. But, its a fact of life, in order to get hired for just about any position, you must interview.

The same reality applies to your wedding planning process. You as a bride and a groom, must interview venues and vendors in an effort to find the best fit for the role they will play in your wedding. You can think of a vendors webpage as their resume - it showcases their 'objective', lists {via image and text} their accomplishments and their bio section is much like a cover letter. If you like everything you see on "paper" you contact them for a consultation {which really is a fancy way of saying Interview}.

Keep in mind though, that your consultation is a two way street {much like a job interview} just as you are assessing the vendors skill level, expertise, experience and what they can offer you, the vendor is also assessing you as a potential client. They are noting how easy or difficult they perceive you to be to work with. They are determining what role you want them to take on at your wedding - are you looking for someone passive or aggressive? Lastly, just as you are evaluating the fit of this vendor with you and your personality - they are doing just the same. Like wants to work with like - just as an employer does when looking for a potential employee.

And, like a post Interview must do - thank the vendor in a follow up email {or hand written note} thanking them for their time, the vendor should do the same. And, if you decide to work with someone else, notify the other vendors of your choice - its common courtesy.


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