Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wediquette: Can You Cancel a Vendor Contract?

After signing a contract with a vendor, we're now feeling like we need to cancel the contract. Is this even a possibility? How would we go about cancelling a contract?

Firstly, you need to have a concrete, viable reason for wanting to cancel the contract with the vendor. It could range from your engagement ending, wedding date changing, wedding location changing ... those are all valid reasons for wanting to make your contract with a vendor null and void. {There are non-valid reasons as well - I am sure we all know what they are}

Secondly, read your contract. There are cancellation terms in there that you agreed to when you signed it, which means, your vendor is under no obligation to change those terms for you after you claimed to have read the contract and signed it. Your vendor probably has various dates and percentages of payment that go along with cancelling - 6 months out, 3 months out, less than 30 days out etc. Figure out where you fall within the parameters first. Then, figure out what amount you owe the vendor. If you are merely changing the wedding date or location - you may not need to cancel the contract. Your vendor may move with you to the new date and location. If you really just want to part ways with the vendor, put it in writing and submit it to them - if you'd like to negotiate the amount of money you are owe them or are forfeiting, ask if they are amenable to that. If your reason is valid enough and there is a high chance they will re-book that date, you may be in luck. Keep in mind that no vendor must give you back money simply because you ask.

Contracts are in use to protect the vendor and to protect you. If you must cancel your contract, make sure you understand the terms clearly.

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