Monday, August 3, 2009

The Value of Planning

We're just getting back into the swing of things after a fantastic wedding up in Saratoga Springs this past weekend. While we had planned the logistics and created our timeline for the wedding, a few snafu's did arise throughout the day and I thought I would bring them up for discussion and awareness. Even the best laid plans can somehow get pushed back.

During your planning process, its easy for the Groom to give up the reigns and not be involved. In fact, some couple's prefer this method planning. As a wedding coordinator, I remain indifferent to this. Some wedding's I never meet the Groom until the wedding rehearsal, and some wedding's I converse more with the Groom than the Bride. My job isn't to mettle in the couple's relationship, just to plan their wedding day! That being said, if you've got a hands off Groom ~ the week prior to the wedding, he needs to become a hands on Groom. He needs to be briefed, either by the Bride or the Coordinator, on all aspects of the wedding day. Timing, expectations, room layout, what has been discussed with the venue, band, transportation, photographer and any other vendors. This way, on the wedding day, its not all new to the Groom. He won't be 30 minutes late to board the bus and claim he didn't know the time. He won't want to change the order of dances and speeches. He won't question any aspect of the day. While as a planner, we are well versed in making quick decisions based on the flow of events and the needs of the newlyweds, its difficult to be discussing changing logistics one to two minutes before something else was supposed to happen.

Remember, timeline's are your friend and are created to ensure that the wedding flows seamlessly.

Happy Planning!

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