Monday, August 24, 2009

Insuring Your Wedding Day

While your wedding day is meant to be the most incredible day of the year {duh}, you do need to insure that it just that. And by insure, I don't just mean having everything planned out and detailed, I literally mean insured. My husband and I had a fun time attending his cousin's wedding this past weekend back in their hometown of Grand Rapids. Their grandfather has an over sized barn which was perfect for their chilled out, homespun wedding day. The party was fun with extra touches {read: beirut and bride and groom pinatas} that really showed the bride and groom's personalities. There was only one small incident that deterred from the wedding day fun when one guest slipped on a spilled drink and was rushed to the hospital for stitches. Not the best part of the day. While it's very clear that she isn't going to sue Granpa for damages, there is something that the bride and groom could have done to ensure that as hosts of the party, they are fully protected: wedding day insurance.

Its very standard these days for venues, caterers and tent companies to include a clause in their contract stating that the bride and groom must get certificates of insurance. These certificates really do provide protection for all involved at the event - from staff to hosts to guests. If you are serving alcohol, you'll definitely want to get a Certificate of Liquor Liability, which will not make you responsible for anything if your guests do anything stupid while drinking alcohol that you've paid for. It really would be a downer if one of your guests had an incident on the way home. While yes, none out of ten times, nothing is going to happen, you want to guarantee that your wedding day is insured. These certificates can also protect you and your money if any vendors totally flake out or if there are any major weather forces that cause a cancellation. Check out WedSafe, a website that specializes in wedding day insurance!

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