Thursday, August 13, 2009

Developing Your Wedding Day "Theme"

While you don't need to "theme" your wedding {i.e. Sandra and Billy's BBQ Throwdown}, it is good to have some sort of vision / theme for your day. While you don't want everything to be matchy matchy, you want the entire look of your wedding day to have some underlying element that gives it cohesion. Whether its a color, motif, logo, flower, you name it, it should be reflected in most aspects of the day. But ... that doesn't give you license to just use anything. Use something that makes sense to your union. I once attended a wedding where the couple had stamped a bicycle on everything: invitations, programs, menu cards, place cards ... neither of them were bicycle enthusiasts and I have no clue what the bicycle meant. I actually still have no clue and my sister in law has tried a million times to give me some clarity on it to no avail.

Anyways ... having some direction stylistically will be an immense help when choosing your decor. While your vision in no means needs to be carefully thought out and presented, it does need to have some meat behind it.

Par Example:

Style notes: warm tones, romantic candlelight, low and lush, rustic, country feel

When you find inspirational images you love, take a moment to write some notes about what you love about the image. These notes will serve as a great foundation to create your wedding day look!

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