Monday, August 31, 2009

Seating Your Guests, The Organized Way

I learned several valuable lessons this weekend at a wedding that I was the Day-Of Coordinator for. While I was beyond thrilled for the bride and groom that the torrential downpour predicted subsided and they had a rain-free affair, I did learn how to organize your guest list for your vendors.

Whether or not you are doing escort cards, or place cards, you need a thorough and detailed guest list. Your list should include EVERY NAME of EVERY GUEST that is attending. And that name should be a complete name. For your vendors, we unfortunately don't know your guests and while you may called Mr. Christopher Smith, "the Chris man" ... we don't know if he's the Chris sitting at Table 2 or Table 19. This is also extremely helpful for when guests are being seated in the dining room. Without fail, as the planner, I always get asked, where am I sitting? If I have a thorough and complete list, I can easily answer that question. If its a list with just first and nicknames, I won't know whose who, especially if everyone has the same name. Lastly, if you don't know the guest that someone is bringing as their date - ask. Its awkward for them to pick up an escort card that says "Mr. Bob Jones and Guest" ... makes them feel a bit unwelcome and uncared for.

You don't need to become crazed by excel, just make sure that every name is clearly listed!

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