Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weddings = Family Drama

Chances are, once you got engaged, you've begun to see different emotions come out of various family members. Happiness, excitement, bossy-ness, aggression ~ I haven't quite figured out why a wedding, the union between two people makes family members {ok, mainly mom} behave in different ways, but they do.

Regardless of how your family is behaving know these two things: their thoughts aren't your thoughts, you aren't beholden to doing things their way or taking them up on their every desire and this isn't their wedding, its yours. While its beyond easy to get sucked into whatever emotions they are having - don't let yourself. This is your special day and it really doesn't matter if Aunt Suzy thinks that you should do x, y and z at the wedding. This wedding day is about you and your soon to be. It isn't about anyone else.

While I know its easier said than done, I promise, you'll have a much more zen like wedding planning experience if you can just shut out the white noise.

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