Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Musings: A Wake Up Call in the ER

Monday has never felt so good to me. Without getting into all the details, I went to the ER yesterday after having symptoms that were similar to having a heart attack. The testing they were able to do on my tiny, hard to locate veins came back negative for a heart attack but my heart definitely had an episode yesterday. I spent yesterday afternoon basically in shock that at my young-ish age, and someone who isn't a smoker / drug user, eats fairly well, exercises regularly and aims to live a relatively stress free life had an EKG with some 'blips' on it. Only further testing will be able to figure out what happened.

It was a massive wake up call. Too many opportunities small and big pass us by in life because we are rushing from here and there. I have so many dreams that I want to pursue and for a million reasons, they get pushed to the back burner. Yesterday was a huge reminder that life is fragile and things can change in a heart beat. Why spend our time doing things that don't give us joy and pleasure?

My cardiac team at the ER was incredible and we're nice enough to let me leave to get to dinner at Blue Hill Stone Barns with my family last night. If you haven't eaten at Blue HIll Stone Barns yet, honestly, stop what you are doing and get your bum out to Pocantico HIlls in Westchester.

As far as my business goes: its operations as usual, just a slower pace this week. My apologies if I take longer than usual to get back to you but I need to take things slower for a week or so until more testing can be done.


  1. Sorry to hear about the scare. Breathe deeply this week. I'm thinking about you. {{{hugs}}}

  2. Thanks Kel, it was an eye opener for sure especially since the female signs of heart stress / heart attack and what we all commonly know are vastly different! Its always better to be safe than sorry and head to the hospital.

  3. Oh no, I hope everything is ok!! Sending good thoughts your way...

  4. Oh my gosh! I'm glad you're okay and I hope you continue to be. Get lots of rest this week!

  5. Sweetheart!

    OMGosh - I hope that you feel better soon.
    Take good care and we'll all be here upon your return.

  6. Oh My Goodness! Lisa I am so happy that it was not a heart attack, but you will be in my prayers for sure!

    On a side note, I'm working with a couple that is having their wedding at Blue Hill next summer, and i've been DYING to get out there. So I may just rent a car for the day and take a trip for "scouting"...yeah, that will be my excuse. :)

  7. OMG - I trust that you are better Lisa. Do slow down, take care and as you know, it will get done so keep stress to a minimum.
    Be well.