Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Musings: Applying For A Job

This isn't so much of a musing as a PSA. I receive many job inquiries each year and while I am so flattered that people would love to come and work for our team, I have to say that I spend most of my time wondering what information people are getting about applying for a job ... so I am going to use this post as a little soap box.

Job Application Rule 1:

Actually want the position that is being offered, or at least want to be apart of the company you're applying to.

This is important! Do RESEARCH about the position and the company. Know the company's culture and figure out how you would fit in. Being fake or not knowing anything about the history, the brand or what the company does isn't going to get you hired.

Job Application Rule 2:

READ the person you are contacting bio and use the appropriate salutation. "Dear Hiring Manager" is not acceptable.

I receive at least a handful of job applications every week that are addressed to "Dear Sir" "Dear Mr. Green" ... neither apply to me. My image and my name are on my website. Its fairly apparently that I am a female. If it doesn't have "Dear Mrs. Green" or something to that affect at the top, you can bet that I delete without reading.

Job Application Rule 3

BCC is not your friend. Do not mass mail a bunch of companies at once. Spending time to cultivate your resume and your cover letter and whatever else you are required to send in. Tailor everything in your communication to the SINGLE company you are applying to. Yes, its tedious work but seriously, sending a mass job application email is just plain wrong. And yes,I check the to / from field.

Job Application Rule 4

Your email address should be professional. Use your name in some form, keep it simple. A hiring manager probably isn't going to take you very seriously if your email syntax is "" {I've seen far more perverse ones}, I know I won't. Doesn't matter if you are a Harvard grad and would be perfect for my team.

Job Application Rule 5

Follow instructions for submitting an application. Following directions particularly in a detail oriented industry shows that you detail oriented. Not following instructions shows me that you don't read, care or particularly want the job.

Job Application Rule 6

Please don't send a video resume unless you are applying for some awesome cinema related job. Nothing further needs to be said about this.

Job Application Rule 7

Please proof read every thing before you send. Use SPELLCHECK. Again, this industry is about the d-e-t-a-i-l-s.

Job Application Rule 8

Objectives aren't necessary. Don't include some generic objective because some 15 year old resume book told you to. I know what your objective is: to get a job. It doesn't need to be stately since you are writing to me for employment.

These are just the basics, but all too often they get missed which is a shame because I am sure that applicants are very qualified for the job they are applying for but they cut themselves out of the running by not put in the time and effort to truly make their application awesome.

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  1. I get a lot of resumes that spell my company name wrong, SweetchicK. DELETE!