Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update from the Life Coach

It's been just over a month since I began working with my awesome nutritionist / life coach extraordinaire. I've made some helpful changes to my life in general that will have a positive affect on my food habits as well. A few of the changes I've made are beyond applicable to weddings, so I wanted to share them:

Put yourself first: Do nice things for yourself to celebrate you. Get a mani / pedi, take a bath, take a walk, indulge in a chocolate, just make sure that every day, you do something nice for you.

Slow down when you are eating: When we are rushed, we inhale food just so "we've had something to eat" and its kind of pointless. Coach had me read "The Slow Down Diet" and let me tell you, this book is an eye opener. When you stop to truly enjoy and savor your meal, your body takes notice and utilizes all the nutrition. If you inhale your food, your body doesn't recognize anything. Read this book and slow down at meals!

Work out consistently: before I started my company, I was a workout-a-holic. Its been depressing to say the least to think that I've been so neglectful of the gym for so long, but Coach made me realize that by going to the gym daily or doing some form of exercise daily, it will make me 100x more productive throughout the day. As Nike says, Just Do It.

What changes have you made that are positive?

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