Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anniversary Gifts - Need Recommendations!

We'll be back to non-personal posts next week, but being the plan in advance type, I need some help from y'all!

Our Two Year Anniversary is quickly approaching on September 6th and I need some gift ideas! I know the traditional gift for year 2 is cotton (do I get him yet another pair of khaki's?!) And the modern gift is china (I can't see him really appreciating china plates!). I would love to be creative and meaningful at the same time but I need some suggestions!

Thank you so much, it means so much to me! Feel free to comment below or email me directly. I promise that Mr.G doesn't read the blog so everything will remain between you and I until the 6th!


  1. hmmm - cotton... how about a set of his and hers matching pajamas (cheaper - cotton undies). A little trip on a sail boat (with champagne) the sail is made from cotton. Adventurous? Isn't there a trapeze school in NYC - you could go for a trapeze lesson - the gift could be a little pillow (to symbolize the safe place he will land on) and you could take the "plunge" together again. Want to go with the china.. manly coffee cup with a sappy I love you painted at the bottom of the cup. Cotton quilt (etsy)

  2. I was bouncing around the web and came across Adorable little things (cloth and paper - made from cotton)