Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekly Round Up: Wedding Goodness

Happy Friday y'all! I hope that everyone has a fabulous December weekend!

Through my internet travels this week, here are some awesome things that I have found and rounded up for you:

The fabulous Laura Hooper of LHCalligraphy, has created several wedding related stamps that are sure to spice up your invitations, I wish these had been around when I got married!

Julianne Smith aka GarterGirl has a fantastic discount going on for the newly engaged. Comment on her blog {in 3 words!} to earn a discounted one of a kind garter!

Found these articles some time ago, but wanted to share them with you!

Take this quiz to find out if you need a wedding coordinator!

Here's a fabulous article on the value of hiring a wedding coordinator - really gets to the heart of it!


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  1. Thanks for linking to my quiz -- it was so nice meeting you last week!