Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekly Round Up: Fabulous Finds and Advice

Eeeck, Christmas is in a week! New Year's Eve is in two weeks. Seriously, where did the month of December go? The days keep whipping by and my to do list keeps getting longer, and there's still present shopping to be done.

Check out these fabulous finds and advice from around the web - Enjoy:

Just when I thought that Dana from Broke Ass Bride couldn't get any more fabulous, she redesigns her website and it is much more fabulous. If you want real life 'broke ass' wedding advice, her blog is an amazing resource.

Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazine debuted this week and its simply delightful. Even if you aren't planning an eco-wedding, there are some amazing ideas and inspiration throughout. Enjoy!

Great little read on how hiring a planner is actually helpful to your budget - click here!

While I can see the beauty and artistry of tall arrangements, unless they are done to perfectly {which sadly isn't always the case}, tall arrangements to me are just cumbersome. The DC Ladies have posted a great article on why tall centerpieces are not the best route to go in your floral budget - click here to read it.

If you're in the NYC / NE area - we're getting snow! How exciting!

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