Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Approaching Parents About The Wedding Budget

At some point {hopefully before any major planning happens} there needs to be a very open conversation regarding the wedding budget with whomever will be paying or contributing to the wedding finances. It's not a pleasant conversation but it is one that must be discussed. If you're asking your parents for money, go to them with either a firm number or specific items that you want them to responsible for. When coming up with these numbers, do your research. Come to the meeting prepared with your thoughts on what you want for the wedding day, places you've reached out to and a rough number of ideal guests. The more prepared you are, the more likely it is that the conversation won't become an overly emotional occasion.

Finances are a sticky subject to begin with, so use the appropriate discretion. Be understanding and supportive of not only what you want but what your financiers can afford. No one needs to go into debt to pay for the wedding. While you may not walk away with your desired outcome, you've opened the door to understanding. Perhaps now your financiers have a better understanding of what you and your fiance envision for the wedding day, or perhaps you've found out something you didn't know was important to your parents or in-laws. Open lines of communication during the wedding planning will lead to a much less stress for all.

Happy Planning!

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