Friday, December 19, 2008

Where should we get hitched?

Perhaps you've known for ages where you would like to get married. Your hometown? His hometown? A family home somewhere? The city you met in and fell in love in? A vacation spot you had a lot of fun in or some place you've always wanted to go. Regardless of the significance of the place you decide to get married in, narrowing down the choice can be a hard one.

Here are three factors to consider on behalf of your guests:

1) How convenient is it for you and your guests to get there? Does it require a ton of travel by plane, car or train? Is there a large airport nearby or will your guests have to traverse small watercraft and ferries to get there?

2) Is there affordable, nice lodging available? While some guests won't mind paying a lot for a hotel, some guests might not have the resources for the same place. Make sure that there are different budget options.
(As a side note, for my wedding in East Hampton, we made suggestions from low to high end on our wedding website and then let guests choose on their own. Since there wasn't a large hotel or chain hotel (for a room block) we had guests staying at 20 different locations, which made delivering gift baskets a complete nightmare ... keep this in mind!)

3) Are there fun activities for your guests to do during the weekend while they aren't at the wedding itself? As wedding weekends have become more like a mini getaway for guests, providing a list of activities in the area (i.e. shopping, sports, beaches, sightseeing etc) is extremely helpful - especially if they haven't been there before.

Just as much as the wedding is for the bride and groom, consider these factors for your guests when choosing a location!

Tomorrow I will mention my tidbits for defining your wedding style ... stay tuned!

Happy Planning!

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