Thursday, December 18, 2008

He proposed, you said yes ... Now What?

Getting engaged is a fantastic time during your relationship. It's exciting, it's joyous and then ... it becomes daunting. After everyone congratulates you, they ask "So, when is the big day?" When is the big day? You can barely get over the fact that you've gotten engaged and already you need a day, a plan and all the logistics sorted out?!

Firstly, relax. Once you're engaged, you don't need to jump onto the planning. Its perfectly fine to take some time to let the proposal and engagement seep in. No need to become a stressed out bride who can't relax. Start the planning off slowly and in a calm manner. If you let the wedding and the wedding planning take on a life of its own, it'll wear on you too much! Instead, be practical, be resourceful and most of all, be relaxed!

When you finally manage to come down from Proposal Cloud Nine, there are two things you should think about: when and where. When do we want to get married? (What season of the year, what date, what holds the most significance for you as a couple?) Where do we want to get married? (Is there a specific place you've always dreamed of, or a place that holds a lot of meaning for you as a couple, or for your families?) ... With those answers taking shape, you can tackle anything regarding your planning.

The next step ... guest list. Make your ideal guest list - don't worry about size, numbers or amount of people. Once you get this Master Master guest list (this would include all your parents choices too) you can sit down and narrow down the list to the most important people in your lives while eliminating the fluff.

Lastly, your fourth step should be determining a budget. Who is going to pay for this awesome wedding you are going to plan? Its not the best discussion to have, but its a must do, you simply can't avoid talking money. Determine who is paying for what and the amount of their contribution. Having a budget is going to help keep your wedding organized. In these tough economic times, it is completely possible to have an amazing wedding that won't blow the bank, you just need to be creative and hire vendors that are willing to work within your outlined budget and who will think outside of the box.

Planning your wedding should be a time of fun, creativity and excitement! It shouldn't become a chore or too overwhelming.

In the current issues of Brides Magazine, there is a really nifty and helpful pull out guide that outlines what you should do post engagement in terms of planning. Check it out!

Happy Planning!

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